Ad Writing Tips

        Start with a powerful headline. If it is a home for sale include "In a great school district".

        If it is a car for sale "Power everything".

        If it is an employment ad, start with the "Job Title".

        Capture attention with a photo, the first one is free.

        Write text that provides a clear specific description that is factual and include the brand name.

        Always include the price or a price range.

        Avoid abbreviations. A reader is not likely to contact you and ask what it means.

        Include the best times to call and make sure your voicemail or answering machine is available.

I used to be able to sign in to your classifieds listings site (mymotherlode.kaango.com). I cannot now. What happened?

You may now sign in at: http://classifiedads.mymotherlode.com

Or go to www.mymotherlode.com, click on Classifieds, then select "Click here to start building your ad". You may create a user account after placing your ad(s). We apologize for any inconvenience.

Which browsers are compatible with this self-service site?

Our site is compatible with the latest Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers.

For Internet Explorer users: This site is only compatible with Internet Explorer version 9 or higher.

How do I place an ad?

It's easy to place online ads by following these steps:

        Click on your ad category and classification

        Select your package

        Write your ad and upload your photos

        Carefully review your ad and go back to the Customize Ad page to make any necessary edits. The way you see the ad on the proof page is the way it will appear online.

        Schedule your ad by picking your start date. You can add on consecutive days for a nominal fee if you would like to extend your ad. You just need to click consecutive dates.

        Create an account or login. Pay for your ad using our secure credit card system (You'll receive a confirmation email right away!)

When will my ad (or my changes) appear?

Changes apply immediately, your browser may have a delay of 20 minutes or more. You will be able to select your start and end dates according to the package you selected. Extend your listing for $1- $2 per day.

How do I upload and crop photos for my ad?

Each ad allows you to upload up to 10 photos when you are creating your ad. Just click the "Upload Image" link beside the image placeholder, browse for your photo on your computer/device, and select it. The first photo is required and if you don�t have a photo, use our image gallery to select a generic photo to get you started.

To crop the image: Once your image/photo is uploaded, you can then crop the image if you like, by clicking the "Crop Image" link beside the image. Your image will be shown in a pop-up window. Click and drag your mouse over the image to set your crop area. Your crop area will automatically be set to a certain shape.

How do I create an account/password/login?

Near the end of the order taking process, you will be prompted to log in. If you do not already have an account with us, the New Account form will appear below that. You will be able to choose your own username and password.

When I create the account, will I also be able to log in to your classifieds listings site?

No. You will need to create an account there but you can use the same credentials if you like. Go to our Classified listing site.

What affects the price of my ad?

Several factors influence the cost of an advertisement:




See the pricing page here for more details.

My ad did not appear online. What do I do?

If you are not able to locate your ad, please use our contact form here.

What is the refund policy?

No refunds are issued for advertisements that are canceled after the ad appears online. Please ensure that you read your advertisements carefully before finalizing your purchase.

There is no refund for a customer's claim that an advertisement had little or no response. We do not guarantee responses or results from an advertisement.

Contacting a Seller

To communicate with the seller, fill out the Respond to Seller from at the bottom of the ad. Some sellers also provide a phone number which is displayed in their ad text. Respond to Seller can be used to ask a question or to make an offer.

I received a fraudulent reply to my ad, what do I do?

Potential buyers do not have to have accounts with us in order to reply to your ad so we have no way to verify their legitimacy.

How do I edit or reorder my ad?

        Sign in

        You can see your current ads, saved ads and future ads on your first screen

        Select the ad you want modify or reorder by selecting Modify Ad or Reorder Ad links

        Follow the steps through to the Thank You page

        If you don't see your ad, Click View All Ads from the left side navigation

        Select the Action you want to do with your ad (Modify Ad or Reorder Ad).

How do I add photos to my ad?

        Sign in

        You can see your current ads, saved ads and future ads on your first screen

        Select the ad you want to which you want to upload more photos by clicking on the Modify Ad link

        On the Customize Your Ad screen add more photos (up can have up to 10)

        Follow the steps through to the Thank You page

How do I cancel an ad?

        Sign in

        You can see your current ads, saved ads and future ads on your first screen

        Click on the Cancel Ads link within the ad

How do I see the details of an ad?

        Sign in

        You can see your current ads, saved ads and future ads on your first screen

        Click on the View Details link within the ad

        If you don't see your ad, Click View All Ads from the left side navigation

        Find the ad in your listing and click on the order # to view the details.

My ad hasn't been posted but my card has already been charged.

Your card will not actually be charged until your ad is posted. You will receive an email confirmation at that time. An order placed via debit or credit card triggers what looks like a deduction of the buying price from the funds available to be debited. This is called an authorization hold. The money is still in the account; however the amount of authorization hold is restricted from customer use. This procedure ensures the funds necessary to complete the transaction are reserved until the order is processed, at which time the funds are deducted from the account to be debited. Most holds last from 3 to 7 days; however, the holding periods can vary greatly from bank to bank. For more information, please contact your card-issuing bank for its policy regarding authorization holds.